Here are some of the experiences of my past clients.

2nd March 2018

Before I decided on counselling I had a preconceived idea that it wouldn't help me, personally.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective it was. I'd like to note that I tried other counsellors beforehand and found everything forced and futile. This was never the case with you.  I liked that the relational approach allowed me to discuss and explore my problems myself.  Through leading the discussion I naturally tended to hit on areas causing me more worry and anxiety. I found that you were unbiased but logical and supporting. This gave me more confidence to challenge issues in my life, which had become miserable and difficult.  You are a genuine person and easy to confide in. This is surprisingly difficult to find, even amongst counsellors. You are accommodating and professional. Also, your website was very insightful, you were easy to find.

I would definitely recommend you. I support your attitude and approach as a counsellor. I found that, through sessions with you, I could reorient my life and become healthier and happier. I was worried that I might never achieve that.

I, again, wish to acknowledge the excellent service that you provide. From the initial introductory phonecall, to the sessions and follow up e mails. Thanks for all of your effort and help.

29th January 2018

The only obstacle that would have prevented me from gaining support, would have been around my own insights to counselling, it would normally be me sitting in your chair. As a trained counsellor it appeared to be a little unusual for me, however the experience was very valuable as it allowed me to acknowledge that I needed that support regardless of what I did for a living. It was refreshing to find someone who I could feel relaxed and open with and I really appreciated your your listening ear and non-judgemental approach. I would most certainly recommend you, for your listening, empathic and warm approach, along with your vast knowledge and understanding.

Just to add, that you you even laughed with me, when i shared my funny stories.

3rd October 2017

I felt so lost and lonely at the start of therapy and now feel strong and more focussed. I don’t know what I would have done without this assistance.  It has been such a relief for me to have somewhere to turn.  Through counselling, I have been able to rebuild some of my confidence, help me focus on myself.  Ultimately, it’s me that has to make the decisions, but I feel in a better place to do that.

6th February 2017

I have found coming to our sessions over the last 8 weeks has been such a comfort. You’ve helped me enjoy Christmas when all I was doing was dreading it as my mum’s first anniversary approached. You have helped me beyond words and I feel much more positive about the future.   You do an amazing job and I feel through my sadness you helped to bring joy into my life again.

14th November 2016

Just wanted to say a massive thank you Keith for all your support over the last 6 weeks.  You have helped me gain an understanding and a different way of thinking about my grief and my way of coping, which I now feel I am doing with your support.

15th April 2016

Keith, thanks a lot, you’ve helped me a great deal.

18th August 2015

Keith was very kind, understanding and compassionate.  Thank you so much.

11th June 2015

I initially had some reservations about counselling, however I found Keith to be very pleasant and empathic.  Through the sessions I came to some insights and thoughts that had not previously crystallised whilst talking and sometimes after his comments.  They were valuable in allowing me the opportunity to talk, cry, offload to someone other than family and fiends.  I appreciated it and really benefitted by it.

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